Fact Sheet: The Role of Adaptation

first_imgAs Congress debates climate legislation in the United States, a financial commitment to funding adaptation in developing countries is critical to achieving a global climate agreement. This agreement, likely in the form of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, will protect the United States and all countries from global warming damages. Enactment of cap-and-trade legislation will signal U.S. commitment to the agreement and create a new source of revenue to fund adaptation. A signal of support by the United States will help advance the multi-year international climate negotiations culminating in Copenhagen this December.Why congressional commitment to adaptation is important:A commitment to adaptation in a U.S. climate bill is critical to getting other countries to act on a global climate deal. Just as the United States won’t act on a global deal without commitments from other major emitting countries, the global community is looking for a signal that the United States is serious about climate change. In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, climate change legislation must include a clear legislative commitment to assist those developing countries who will require humanitarian and other support. Adaptation funding is national security funding. In 2007, eleven retired three-star and four-star admirals and generals recommended that “The U.S. should commit to global partnerships that help less developed nations build the capacity and resiliency to better manage climate impacts.” Competition for scarcer resources and increased migration — two possible outcomes of climate change — can breed instability in volatile regions. Adaptation funding can lessen these threats.The United States has a moral responsibility to fund adaptation. The world needs the United States to provide leadership in helping poor countries adapt. The poorest countries — those that have contributed least to the causes of global warming – are most vulnerable to climate change, and likely to face its harshest effects. As the world’s largest historical emitter of greenhouse gases, the United States has a responsibility to do its share to help those who may suffer because of climate change.Why cap-and-trade legislation is a preferred source of funding for international adaptation:Using emissions allowances under a cap-and-trade program would create a new source of revenue to fund adaptation, rather than drawing on tax revenues. Vulnerable countries … must be supported in our efforts to adapt to a phenomena caused by others. This will require a fraction of the trillions mobilized in short order to address the global financial crisis.—Denis Lowe, environment minister for Barbados Examining the role of adaptation in U.S. climate legislation and an international climate agreement.Download fact sheet as PDFDeveloped and developing countries are now grappling with ways to slow greenhouse gas emissions, but global warming is already causing more severe storms, unpredictable planting seasons, and melting glaciers around the world. Adaptation means learning to live with these changes – and preparing for other changes that are unavoidable – in order to minimize harm from climate change impacts. As funding would come from a new market, it would be genuinely new funding — over and above existing development assistance. This “additionality” is important in the international climate arena and responds to the fact that climate damage is creating a new threat to development, beyond the poverty that already exists.Funding from a cap-and-trade system would be predictable, consistent, long-term, and subject to careful monitoring. This would help to assure that recipient countries can plan effectively and use U.S. funding wisely.How adaptation assistance would work:As the climate changes, developing countries will need to make many changes, including new agricultural practices, water management practices, and approaches to managing forests and fisheries. In many places, cities will need stronger protection from storms and new sources of clean drinking water. Making these changes – and many others — requires substantial resources that poor countries do not have, as well as technical know-how and policy reform.USAID, NOAA, the World Bank, and the Global Environment Facility all have small programs up and running that support adaptation activities. These programs are all limited in scope, but provide important lessons to draw upon as the world works to scale up adaptation efforts to meet the growing need. Policy makers might consider a combination of bilateral and multilateral options for supporting adaptation, in order to draw on the strengths of these different approaches.Support for adaptation assistance is strong:Using a cap-and-trade system to fund adaptation is an idea supported by both the environmental community and the business community. The United States Climate Action Partnership, a group of leading businesses and environmental groups made a specific recommendation in its 2009 Blueprint for Legislative Action on adaptation: “Congress and the Administration should establish a U.S. climate policy that strengthens support for efforts by developing countries for the adaptation of human and natural systems to the impacts of climate change.”Assuring that adaptation assistance is spent wisely:A robust monitoring and evaluation program is essential to the success in adaptation. Fortunately, there is a shared set of core adaptation functions that all countries will need to perform, including climate information management, risk assessment, and coordination of activities across sectors. Growing understanding of these functions provides a basis for effective monitoring and evaluation.Moreover, the United States and its global partners have learned important lessons over the years regarding what makes foreign aid work well. These “aid effectiveness” findings have tremendous relevance to adaptation and can be incorporated into the design of initiatives. “Although the federal government must guide the policy toward a future with climate protection, the decisions that need to be made are not primarily political, they are spiritual and moral.”- Rev. Jim Ball, Ph.D., President & CEO, Evangelical Environmental Network “Military planning should view climate change as a threat to the balance of energy access, water supplies, and a healthy environment, and it should require a response. Responding after the fact with troops—after a crisis occurs—is one kind of response. Working to delay these changes—to accommodate a balance among these staples—is, of course, another way.”– General Paul J. Kern (Ret.)last_img read more


first_imgCherokee County authorities are investigating a possible child abduction attempt that happened Wednesday in Marcus.The county sheriff says an unknown female driving a newer body style white Chevy Impala drove up to children playing near Main Street in Marcus and stated that she had been instructed by the kids’ parents to pick them up.The children did not get into the vehicle and ran and alerted authorities.The suspect is described as an older white female with brown and grey hair.Anyone with information should contact the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office at 712-225-6728.last_img read more

Nerd Box: OSU-FSU

first_imgIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! USATSI_8059116_154512258_lowresWe did this for most (all?) of last season and I wanted to bring it back for Week 1 even though I couldn’t include offensive/defensive efficiency because this was the first game.Let’s take a deeper dive into the stats for the first week:Nerd Box FSUOf note:• Special teams wasn’t as bad as everyone thought. FSU’s average starting field position was four yards worse than OSU’s. The punts were bad, yes,  the first FG attempt wasn’t pretty but it wasn’t at total disaster.• FSU averaged 7.7 yards per play last season. To hold them to 6.7 in a domed game with nearly everybody coming back is pretty awesome.• That points/drive number for FSU is a ridiculous number for the OSU D. They were at 4.25 per drive last season and you held them to less than half that. Amazing.• The negative swing points for FSU: FG from OSU 10, FG from OSU 20, and INT at OSU 13. Bend like an Olympic gymnast but don’t break.• OSU has had a knack in the last few years for not wasting yards. It’s almost like they either go three and out or put together an 88-yard drive.Totally Tickets is your source for Oklahoma State football tickets.last_img read more

13 things we learned about Oklahoma State this spring

first_img2. Jordan Burton is a “home run”Linebacker isn’t necessarily a position where OSU is thin, but Jordan Burton is going to help lock things down for Glenn Spencer’s side.“We got very lucky with Victor Salako and Burton — two guys that we need to fill a spot for us,” Mike Gundy told the Tulsa World. “We hit a home run in those spots. They filled a couple of voids.”3. Victor Salako might be the most important incoming “recruit”Speaking of the big man from UAB, he’s probably going to be the most important newcomer on this team since it still sounds like the offensive line needs all the help they can get.“He’s the biggest player we have,” said Gundy. “He’s just been so pleasant. I can only imagine being that big and playing at the tempo that we compete at.“He has a smile on his face. He plays hard and plays with effort. Never says a word. Those are the type of players that you need in your program in order to win big. They’re unselfish and they love to play football.”4. Defensive line appears to be a strength (again!)Kyle Boone wrote about this earlier in the spring, but OSU’s defensive has a real chance to be even better in 2015 then it was in 2014. And it was really good in 2014, averaging 2.5 sacks per game and 7.5 tackles for loss (both in the top 35 in the country). However, it was also not that great in passing downs so there’s certainly room for improvement.The rotation will mostly include Vincent Taylor, Motekiai Maile and Vili Leveni and I think any two of the three could start. Glenn Spencer is locked in on Taylor.“He’s the guy we really needed to come on,” Spencer said after the spring game. “If I had to give a most improved from the guys that were here last year it would be Vincent Taylor. Gundy, on the other hand, loves Maile.“I thought he weighed 285,” he told the Tulsa World. “The other day, they said he weighed 306. I guess he’s maybe up to 310 now. He’s showing signs of being athletic. His attitude has been good and he seems to understand the tempo at this level of football.”5. Wide Receiver is the position we should be least concerned aboutOSU should put out a competition before the season where you try and guess what order the receivers will finish in when it comes to receiving yards.Winner gets to shoot quail with Boone and Holder or something. “We have a lot of receivers, more than I can ever remember, that can play,” J.W. Walsh told Scout.6. Vegas doesn’t believe in Oklahoma StateWe gonna talk about this or just leave things be?.@5Dimes over/unders in the Big 12: Baylor 10, TCU 10, OU 9, WVU 8, OK State 7, K-State 7, Texas 6.5, Tech 6, Iowa State 3, KU 1.5— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) May 26, 20157. Mike Gundy is rocking againThe entire spring was like a one-man reunion tour that was reminiscent of the 2010-13 Gundy. Teams go as their coaches and QBs go and it would appear that the head coach-quarterback combo OSU has in Stillwater is going to thrive.Time to feed the monster.8. Chris Carson is playing for more than orange and blackCarson is one of the five most compelling figures of Oklahoma State football right now to me for a variety of reasons. His story is equal parts sad and inspiring and I’m intrigued to see if his dominance at Butler JC can carry over into the Big 12.“My family is struggling, but we’re maintaining,” he told the Tulsa World. “I don’t want to see my family struggle.”9. The position that most excited me is defensive backWe didn’t really learn this because we already knew it going in, but OSU is going to be embarrassingly loaded in the defensive backfield.From Ramon Richards’ has swag to Michael Hunter pulling a Tyler Patmon. Oh yeah, and the best corner in the Big 12 might wear No. 1 for the Cowboys. This is quite a bit overdue so my apologies for that. It’s June now and it feels like we’re closer to the fall starting than we are to spring ball. Still, I thought it might be fun to look back at a few things we learned about what figures to be, at the very least, one of the more compelling teams in the Big 12 this upcoming season.1. Mason Rudolph is the oneI’m not sure how it can get more metaphorical than this. Strangely, his standing at Oklahoma State was solidified more to me by the fact that Gundy got his affairs in order at the top of the QB food chain early in the offseason than by anything Rudolph did at the end of last season.We learned retroactively that he might have he might have been even better in the bowl game than we thought. And we learned that he’s going to enjoy the riches of Boone’s house for many years. Ditto the reciprocal. 10. This spring was purposefulLast spring sounded like a little bit of a mess. This year, there was a plan and it sounds like it was executed.“I mentioned at this time last year that I was really concerned about our youth,” Mike Gundy told the Tulsa World. “We ended up playing 21 freshmen and redshirt freshmen. That’s why I was really concerned. Now, we have more veteran guys, but they’re still really young. I think they’ll be fine. … Look at our team. They look great.”“We have good leadership and I talk about that a lot, and I think sometimes fans overlook the leadership part,” he added. “It’s just enjoyable for me.” Zach Crabtree agreed.“We’ve got a lot of room for improvement, but we look better at this point than we did last year. There’s definitely a swagger, and we’re carrying ourselves a little different.”11. The NCAA penalties were nothingI mean really, nothing.12. We have a new helmetI almost forgot about this. I think we’re getting new uniforms, too.13. OSU is committed to the “Cowboy back”We saw this at the very end of last year and it appears OSU is 100 percent committed to the fullback/tight end combo player. Here’s the Tulsa World on the spring game:It became clear with the hiring of Jason McEndoo that OSU would reintroduce the tight end position to the offense. Zac Veatch, who played guard last year, is seen as a potentially strong blocking tight end, but it turns out he can do more. On back-to-back plays, Veatch sealed the edge for Rennie Childs to break a gain of 60 yards and then caught a 10-yard TD pass.So that’s it. I’m sure there are 13 more things you could come up with, but those are 13 of my main takeaways from the spring. Central Michigan is less than 100 days away.Photo Attribution: USATSIIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

Liverpool team news & likely line-up

first_imgLiverpool Liverpool Team News: Injuries, suspensions and line-up vs Newcastle Melissa Reddy Liverpool FC Correspondent Last updated 2 years ago 14:20 1/10/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Salah Sturridge Coutinho Liverpool Premier League Newcastle United v Liverpool Newcastle United Everything you need to know ahead of the Premier League clash at St James’ Park on Sunday afternoon Jurgen Klopp is targeting his first Premier League win against Newcastle United, with Liverpool desperate to record their second victory in a month.The German has twice failed to pick up maximum points against the St James’ Park side in the division, with only Southampton and Manchester United similarly thwarting him.Meanwhile, the 3-2 triumph at Leicester City has been the only conquest in six encounters across all competitions for the Reds since the last international break, and with another FIFA interlude following Sunday’s clash, the visitors will be resolute in signing off a difficult period in style. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. Rafael Benitez has faced his former club twice in the league, recording a draw each time – with Chelsea in April 2013 and Newcastle three years later.LIVERPOOL INJURIES Adam Lallana and Nathaniel Clyne are both edging closer to a return as they escalate their recoveries from thigh and back injuries respectively.Adam Lallana LiverpoolNeither of the England internationals have featured for Liverpool yet this season, but will maximise the time during the break to push themselves closer to contention.“The update is that both are doing really well but are not in team training tomorrow. But both are on a really good way,” Klopp said on Friday.“With Clyney it was not too sure for one or two weeks but now he has made real steps and it’s really cool.“Adam is completely normal, that’s how it was from the first day – how we thought it would be. He is now outside running and obviously improves a lot.“He has no problems anymore. We just have to wait until the tendon is a tendon again, if you want. You cannot rush this. But so far, no setbacks and everything is fine.”LIVERPOOL SUSPENSIONS Sadio Mane has served his three-match domestic suspension and returns to league action for the visitors, while Aleksandar Mitrovic will be available for Newcastle having completed his ban of the same length.Newcastle v Liverpool bettingLIVERPOOL POTENTIAL STARTING LINE-UPPhilippe Coutinho is the only player to have started the previous four games and Klopp must decide whether the instrumental playmaker can line up from the off again for a fifth time in just 15 days.Georginio Wijnaldum, set to make his first return to St James’ Park, could fill in for the Brazilian if not or come in for Emre Can or Jordan Henderson if the Reds boss wants to refresh his midfield.Given this is the final fixture before the international interval, Klopp is unlikely to make many alterations unless it is out of necessity.Daniel Sturridge, who has netted in all four of his Premier League starts at St. James’ Park, will be hoping the German decides to change things up in attack and unleash him against Benitez’s men. Sturridge 9/2 to score 2+Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, too, will be crossing fingers for a first run-out from the off in the competition for the Reds.Simon Mignolet will return in goal and Joe Gomez is available to operate at right full-back or in the heart of defence having sat out the 1-1 draw at Spartak Moscow due to a one-match European suspension.GFX Possible Liverpool XI v NewcastleNEWCASTLE TEAM NEWSBrighton ended Newcastle’s run of three victories on the spin last weekend, keeping them from scoring for the first time since August 20. Benitez will look to equally restrict Liverpool’s attacking threats, while demanding a direct, aggressive approach from his side in possession.HD Rafael BenitezThe counter, set-pieces – a key strength to the hosts’ revival after a tough start to the season – plus the combination of Matt Ritchie and Jamaal Lascelles is expected to be the prime avenues used to trouble the Merseysiders.Paul Dummett and Massadio Haidara are sidelined through injury, while Florian Lejeune is doubtful due to an ankle problem.BEST OPTA MATCH FACTS Newcastle United have won four of their last six home top-flight matches against Liverpool (D1, L1), winning each of their last two without conceding a goal. Of the 41 fixtures between two sides to have been played 40 or more times in the Premier League era, Newcastle against the Reds has seen the most goals per game on average: 138 goals in 44 games with 3.14 on average. Mohamed Salah has scored in four of his six Premier League appearances for Liverpool so far (four goals). No player has ever scored in five of their first seven Premier League games for the club. TV COVERAGE & KICK-OFF TIME Kick off is at 16:30 BST and the match will be televised live in the UK on Sky Sports Main Event and Sky Sports Premier League. Subscribe to Goal’s Liverpool Correspondent Neil Jones’ weekly email bringing you the best Liverpool FC writing from around the weblast_img read more

Cavani on historic Ligue 1 scoring run

first_imgPSG Cavani on historic Ligue 1 scoring run for PSG Allen Ramsey 06:41 11/30/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Edinson Cavani PSG Troyes Ligue 1 29112017.jpg Getty PSG PSG v Troyes Troyes Ligue 1 Videos The PSG forward netted another goal on Wednesday which sees him off to the best start of any scorer since the 1970s If there were questions over Edinson Cavani’s ability to lead the line for PSG after the club failed to win Ligue 1 last season, they can all be tossed aside now. Sure, the Uruguay has benefited from the club adding two more stars in the form of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, but it’s Cavani who is on a record scoring pace in Ligue 1. The 30-year-old has scored 17 times in 15 matchdays, the best record of scoring since Josip Skoblar hit the same mark during the 1970/71 season with Marseille.  Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player 1970 – @ECavaniOfficial is the 1st player to score 17 goals after 15 days of Ligue 1 since Josip Skoblar with @OM_English in 1970/71 (17). Historic. @PSG_English pic.twitter.com/Pgrc8JrviZ— OptaJean (@OptaJean) November 29, 2017Cavani could have reached 17 early in the match from the penalty spot. But after coming out on top in a short talk with Neymar over who would take the spot-kick the Uruguayan saw his penalty saved.PSG win a penalty. Cavani asks Neymar if he can take it.You can guess what happened next… pic.twitter.com/Eq2PhD8vTI— Goal (@goal) November 29, 2017Neymar put PSG 1-0 up in the second half with a lovely strike of his own, but Cavani was not to be denied. He missed from the spot earlier, but Cavani wasn’t about to end the match without a goal… pic.twitter.com/ZjhKLES0Kx— Goal (@goal) November 29, 2017The win helped PSG match their own record for points won at this stage of the campaign, with the club having collected 41 of the 45 on offer to this point of the season. The club reached the same mark in both 1985/86 (when adjusted to wins equalling three points) and 2015/16, with no other side having ever reached that total this quickly. 41 – @PSG_English have won 41 points after 15 Ligue 1 games this season, joint-highest tally at this stage with…Paris in 1985/86 (1 win = 3 points) &…Paris in 2015/16. Tradition.— OptaJean (@OptaJean) November 29, 2017With the club now holding a 10-point gap over nearest rival Marseille, the French top flight is theirs to lose.last_img read more

Gulati not running for U.S. Soccer president

first_imgUnited States Gulati not running for re-election as U.S. Soccer president Thomas Floyd @thomasfloyd10 Last updated 1 year ago 06:23 12/5/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(3) Sunil Gulati Fabrice Coffini United States United States Friendlies Friendlies Women World Cup The longtime head of the federation has confirmed he will not seek a fourth term after the U.S. national team’s failure to qualify for the World Cup Sunil Gulati will not run for re-election as U.S. Soccer president in February, the longtime head of the federation announced Monday.The 58-year-old, who has served as U.S. Soccer president since 2006, had been considering running for a fourth term in February’s election but decided to step aside following the U.S. men’s national team’s failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup.”I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and talking about it with people in many different positions — many of whom told me I should run,” Gulati told ESPN . “But in the end, I think the best thing for me personally, and for the federation, is to see someone new in the job.” Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Gulati acknowledged he likely would have run for re-election had the U.S. qualified for Russia. But the October defeat to Trinidad & Tobago that eliminated the Americans has cast a pall over a tenure from Gulati that included substantial growth in revenue, the 2015 Women’s World Cup title, and runs to the round of 16 at the men’s World Cups in 2010 and 2014.”Look, the general perception in the soccer community versus the people who vote in elections may be different right now,” Gulati said. “But the loss to Trinidad was painful, regrettable and led to a lot of strong emotions. And to be honest, I think at this point, that’s overshadowed a lot of other things that are important. So fair or not, I accept that and think it’s time for a new person.”Monday’s news has opened up the race for federation president, with former U.S. players Eric Wynalda, Kyle Martino and Paul Caliguiri joined in the pool of candidates by attorneys Steve Gans and Mike Winograd, veteran soccer administrator Paul Lapointe, and U.S. Soccer vice president Carlos Cordeiro.Gulati, however, won’t be disappearing from the American soccer scene: He will continue to serve as a member of the FIFA Executive Committee and remains chairman of the USA-Canada-Mexico joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup, which will be awarded by FIFA in June.”I’m going to spend a lot of time over the next six months trying to win an election — and that election is to bring the 2026 World Cup here,” Gulati said.last_img read more

Man City vs Bournemouth: Team news & TV guide

first_imgPremier League Manchester City vs Bournemouth: TV channel, stream, kick-off time, odds & match preview Ryan Kelly Last updated 1 year ago 17:00 12/23/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Raheem Sterling Manchester City Getty Images Premier League Manchester City Manchester City v AFC Bournemouth AFC Bournemouth Pep Guardiola’s side appear unstoppable right now and they can potentially move even further clear at the top of the table on Saturday Manchester City can give themselves an early Christmas present with a win when they welcome Bournemouth to the Etihad Stadium on Saturday.Victory over the Cherries would see Pep Guardiola’s side move 14 points clear of Manchester United – temporarily at least – and it would stretch their unbeaten run in the league to 19 games.Bournemouth, meanwhile, are in desperate need of a win as they slip towards a relegation battle, but it must be said that Eddie Howe’s men have had a difficult run of games in recent weeks. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Having already had encounters with Chelsea, Liverpool and Man United this December, things don’t get any easier as they travel north west to City. Game Manchester City vs Bournemouth Date Saturday, December 23 Time 15:00 GMT / 10:00 ET TV CHANNEL & LIVE STREAM Gabriel Jesus Manchester CityIn the United States (US) the game is available to watch live on television on NBCSN and can be streamed live online using the NBC Sports app. US TV channel Online stream NBCSN NBC Sports app The game is not being shown live in the United Kingdom (UK) but highlights will be available to watch on BBC. Goal will have live updates here.SQUADS & TEAM NEWS Position Man City players Goalkeepers Ederson, Bravo, Grimshaw Defenders Walker, Danilo, Mangala, Adarabioyo, Otamendi, Duhaney Midfielders Sterling, Gundogan, Delph, De Bruyne, Sane, Bernardo, D. Silva, Fernandinho, Zinchenko, Toure, Diaz, Foden Forwards Aguero, Jesus, Nmecha Man City will be without a number of defenders for the game with John Stones and Benjamin Mendy both ruled out. There are lingering concerns over Vincent Kompany’s fitness, but, given how light they are at the back, Guardiola may risk the Belgium international.David Silva missed the last two games due to personal reasons but could be in line for a return to the team on Saturday.Potential Man City starting XI: Ederson; Walker, Mangala, Otamendi, Delph; De Bruyne, Gundogan, D. Silva, Sterling, Sane; Jesus. Position Bournemouth players Goalkeepers Boruc, Begovic, Ramsdale Defenders Francis, S. Cook, Ake, A. Smith, Mings, Simpson Midfielders Gosling, Surman, Pugh, Arter, L. Cook, Stanislas, Hyndman, Mahoney, Fraser, Ibe, Butcher  Forwards Afobe, Wilson, Mousset Bournemouth have been dealt a series of injuries to contend with over the Christmas period, with a number of players likely to miss the game against City.Jermain Defoe (ankle) and Harry Arter (calf) came off during their mid-week Carabao Cup defeat to Chelsea and, while Arter could potentially feature, Defoe has been sent to a specialist.Charlie Daniels is carrying an Achilles tendon injury and it is unclear whether he will be passed fit to play. Those individuals join Josh King, Brad Smith and Tyrone Mings on the sidelines.Potential Bournemouth starting XI: Begovic; Francis, Cook, Ake; Fraser, A. Smith; Surman, Gosling, L. Cook; Mousset, Ibe.BETTING & MATCH ODDS Fernandinho, Pep GuardiolaRunaway league leaders Man City are deemed 1/9 favourites to win by dabblebet, while Bournemouth are priced at a lengthy 22/1 to beat the Blues. A draw is available at 9/1.Sergio Aguero is City’s top scorer this season and the Argentine is 2/1 to score first. His Brazilian colleague Gabriel Jesus follows at 21/10.Click here to see all of the markets dabblebet has on offer, including goalscoring odds, score predictions and more.GAME PREVIEW Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City SpursMan City return to league action against Bournemouth following a hard-earned penalty victory in the Carabao Cup quarter-final and they can potentially move 14 points clear at the top of the table with a win, depending on results elsewhere.At the rate they are performing, City could well have the title wrapped up early in the new year and their gritty victory over Leicester City during the week demonstrated that they not only possess the most skilful and talented players in England, but an abundance of character to match.Guardiola has fostered a sense of unity and belief among his players that has seen them snatch wins at the death and Bournemouth are all too aware of that capacity, having suffered a cruel last-minute defeat at the Vitality Stadium back in August.The games come thick and fast over the festive period and the self-styled ‘Shark Team’ will be eager to keep moving forward towards league glory by sweeping aside the Cherries. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Joseph Parker’s wish for Anthony Joshua challenge leaves Fury out in the cold

first_img Hughie Fury’s defeat by Joseph Parker marred by ‘conspiracy’ claims Share on Facebook Topics … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Read more Twitter And, as the unassuming New Zealander waits for his chance, he makes it clear Fury is one opponent he wants to avoid, which is a compliment of sorts. Indeed, he did not want to fight him in the first place. But Fury was his mandatory challenger and on the night, he proved as difficult to fathom as the champion and his astute trainer, Kevin Barry, had anticipated.“Joe’s particular style is not good against someone who’s going to run and move, and that’s why I never liked this fight,” Barry said. “I tell you what you can’t do, though: you can’t win the world heavyweight title by going backwards for 12 rounds and landing a handful of punches.” He had a point.As well as both camps got on in the aftermath [Tyson Fury, bare-chested and grinning widely, was seen partying into the small hours with Parker and his friends], Hughie’s father and trainer, Peter, will not like that take on a verdict they insist should have gone the other way.Hennessy, always a passionate representative for his fighters, has rarely been as agitated as when promising to marshall his lawyers and get to the bottom of what he insists is, “corruption at the highest level in boxing”. He would not say where he thinks that lies, however, and he was not accusing Parker or his associates of anything underhand. But the Fury camp believe officials felt pressured to be extra fair to the visiting champion because of an unspecified bias against the home fighter.Parker, meanwhile, does not expect to be handed a Joshua fight on a plate, although his promoter, David Higgins, has a sensible strategy to put him in a good place, and that means decamping 12,000 miles to the UK. Parker, whose family and friends travelled to support him, will base himself here while he waits for Joshua – providing the unbeaten triple-belt champion does not slip up against Kubrat Pulev in Cardiff next month.Parker said: “We’ve got a great set-up in Vegas, in terms of training. New Zealand’s where I live when I’m not training, but I want to base myself here in terms of fighting more here. The scene is booming here at the moment, so I want to be a part of it, to have the big fights here. My job is to get in great shape and put on a good show.“I was firstly excited to be fighting here against Hughie, and getting the victory. It was a good way to establish myself in the UK, and I’m looking forward to having those big fights against Joshua, Tony Bellew, David Haye. Everyone’s calling out everyone each week. I’ll fight anyone and everyone.” Except Fury again.Interestingly, Barry and Higgins, as well as Parker, reckon the fighter will have an easier night of it against Joshua than he did unravelling the hit-and-run style of Fury. “One thing is for sure,” Barry said, smiling, “we won’t have to go looking for Joshua. He’s going to be right there in our face.”As for Parker’s problems against Fury, Barry observed: “I wanted Joe to work the double jab a lot more. We actually spent the whole training camp throwing thousands of body shots. Joe sort of went a wee bit away from that. I think Joe actually got a little reckless in the early rounds. He realised as soon as he got out there that Hughie never had the power to get his respect. Hughie was never going to be able to hurt him.” Jake LaMotta was not a great champion but one of the toughest, a boxing beast Facebook Pinterest Boxing Hearn, meanwhile, hoovers on. His announcement in Los Angeles at the weekend that he has signed Daniel Jacobs took everyone by surprise, but the promoter seems intent on using the New York middleweight with the great backstory as his way into the American market.Jacobs, who pushed Gennady Golovkin all the way in the Kazakh’s last fight before he drew with Canelo Álvarez, has beaten cancer and all the odds to be worth his place at the top table. He will retain Al Haymon as his advisor, so, like Frampton before him, will have to give up 15% of his earnings to the secretive American power broker. He plainly thinks it is an investment worth making.Hearn was in LA to watch Luke Campbell take on Jorge Linares, the serial Brit-beater who had already accounted for Kevin Mitchell and Anthony Crolla (twice), but it looked from a distance as if the judges were kind to the estimable Venezuelan in defence of his WBA world lightweight title. What Hearn and only a few others knew was that Campbell was coping with the death two weeks previously of his father, Bernard, who had been fighting cancer for three years.Putting aside the disappointment of losing a desperately close fight, Campbell told the BBC later: “I probably cried once a day. I had to try and shut feelings off. After the fight I had a good cry.”He’s made of solid stuff, Campbell. Sportblog Share on WhatsApp Australia sport Share on Messenger Share on Pinterest Since you’re here… Frampton joins WarrenCarl Frampton obviously harbours a lingering resentment of Eddie Hearn. The Irish featherweight, who has left his long-time mentor and friend Barry McGuigan and came desperately close to quitting the sport, has opted to go with Frank Warren and BT Sport rather than the pay-per-view riches on offer with Sky Sports and Hearn.When McGuigan and Frampton were haggling for two years with Hearn for a fight with Scott Quigg – which Frampton edged before going on to establish himself as a world-class name – the friction went beyond the usual boxing hype. They seemed genuinely not to like each other.So, after splitting with McGuigan, it was intriguing to see if Frampton would forget that acrimony and take the guaranteed big money on offer from Sky. He looked at the Matchroom roster and decided he would still be behind Anthony Joshua as Hearn’s favourite, so he opted to be No1 in the BT stable. He will know if he has made the right call within a year or so, after the mounting disappointments since he lost his rematch and unbeaten record against Léo Santa Cruz.He says Warren has promised him he can deliver Santa Cruz, as well as the IBF title-holder Lee Selby and Óscar Valdez, the WBO champion. Fingers crossed for the Jackal, then. Reuse this content features Hughie Fury will not be getting a quick rematch against Joseph Parker – unless the Mancunian heavyweight’s promoter, Mick Hennessy, can deliver on his optimistic promise of having his points loss overturned, and the odds must be slim.After winning over 12 close rounds at the Manchester Arena on Saturday night – and benefiting from outrageous 118-110 scores on two cards – to retain the WBO world title he inherited from Hughie’s cousin, Tyson, Parker said the British heavyweight he is way more interested in fighting is Anthony Joshua. Share on Twitter Share via Email Anthony Joshua Carl Frampton, left, hopes signing with Frank Warren will bring him a second rematch with Léo Santa Cruz. Photograph: John Locher/AP Share on LinkedIn Read more Support The Guardianlast_img read more

Manchester City v Burnley: match preview

first_imgShare on LinkedIn news Manchester City Share on Messenger Burnley are 30-1 to beat Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium due to the Premier League leaders dropping just two points, scoring 29 goals, and blitzing last week’s visitors, Stoke City, 7-2. But Sean Dyche is a shrewd manager and while a victory would be a surprise it would be no shock, given they have already won at Stamford Bridge and drawn at Anfield this season. Jamie JacksonKick-off Saturday 3pm Venue Etihad StadiumLast season Manchester City 2 Burnley 1Referee Roger EastThis season G3, Y12, R0, 4.00 cards per gameOdds H 1-8 A 30-1 D 10-1Manchester CitySubs from Bravo, Mangala, Touré, Foden, Adarabioyo, Díaz, Gündogan, B Silva, Agüero, DaniloDoubtful NoneInjured Mendy (knee, Apr), Kompany (calf, unknown)Suspended NoneForm WWWWWWDiscipline Y16 R2Leading scorers Agüero, Jesus, Sterling 6BurnleySubs from Lindegaard, Legzdins, Vokes, Barnes, Gudmundsson, Wells, Westwood, Bardsley, Long, UlvestadDoubtful Wells (ankle)Injured Heaton (shoulder), Marney (match fitness), Walters (knee, all unknown)Suspended NoneForm DWDDWDDiscipline Y14 R0Leading scorer Wood 3 Reuse this content Share on WhatsApp Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share via Email Share on Pinterest Match previews Burnley Premier League Topicslast_img read more

Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette seals win on emotional night for Cardiff

first_img Goal attempts (s 81′) Pinterest 23 Harris Share on Pinterest Twitter Pinterest Cardiff City 4 Elneny Substitutes Share on Messenger Corners 32 Healey 5 Ecuele Manga Arsenal Substitutes 22 Bamba 29 71 CAR29ARS71% (s 76′) Twitter It was a night of conflicting emotions for Cardiff. Neil Warnock had admitted that “in an ideal world” his club would not have played. There have been a lot of painful questions since the disappearance last Monday of Emiliano Sala – Cardiff’s record signing from Nantes – and one of them has taken in the point of it all.How can a bunch of blokes kick a ball around with any meaning when one of their own is missing presumed dead? On the other hand, Warnock knew a game was perhaps what Cardiff needed – to get them firing again; to work up some adrenaline against all of the misery. 1 Etheridge Fouls 49 Nketiah 31 Kolasinac 9 Lacazette 27 Mavropanos 4 7 10 Ozil match reports Lineups 11 Torreira Share via Email 11 Arsenal Off target 17 Cardiff 3 Arsenal On target 2 Cardiff 17 Gunnarsson Arsenal 8 Ramsey Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn (s 73′) 29 Guendouzi 14 Aubameyang (s 46′)center_img 20 Mustafi Emiliano Sala 18 Cunningham Match stats Cardiff 12 Lichtsteiner 2 Peltier Share on WhatsApp 29 Niasse 12 Smithies 3 Bennett Share on Twitter (s 70′) Paul Pogba and Victor Lindelöf rescue Manchester United against Burnley 8 Ralls (s 60′) The Cardiff players gather for a period of silence in tribute to missing striker Emiliano Sala as the Cardiff fans hold up their yellow placards and the wreaths lie in the centre circle. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian 18 Monreal 33 Hoilett 19 Mendez-Laing Cardiff fans pay tribute to missing striker Emiliano Sala. Photograph: Tom Jenkins/The Guardian 19 Leno The travelling supporters held up yellow placards when the teams emerged for the kick-off, while the captains, Mesut Özil and Sol Bamba, strode to the centre circle to lay wreaths. There was one bouquet of yellow tulips – the symbol of Nantes – and another of yellow daffodils to represent Wales. It was also a nice touch from the programme editors to include Sala’s name at the bottom of the squad lists on the back cover – hauntingly, without a shirt number.There were banners in the away end. “Once a bluebird, always a bluebird,” read one. Another said: “We never saw you play, we never saw you score but Emiliano, our beautiful bluebird, we will love you forever.” What was meant to be a minute of pre-match silence turned into a period of applause.Life goes on; football goes on. But how to focus? Cardiff showed their professionalism and they ought to have led at the interval. Bobby Reid blew two clear chances while Oumar Niasse was denied a penalty when Nacho Monreal nibbled at him inside the area.Ecuele Manga made two rash penalty-box challenges on Lacazette in the first half and the Arsenal fans howled when Mike Dean refused to penalise him. Lacazette did not make a meal out of the first and, perhaps, he made too much of the second. 10 12 17 Iwobi 1 Cech 10 Zohore Read more Topics Premier League Warnock saw his team play well, carrying the fight to Arsenal, especially during a first half that they controlled. He described it as Cardiff’s best away performance of the season and he could be pleased, even surprised, to see his players rack up 19 shots, albeit only two were on target.There was frustration when Bruno Ecuele Manga stretched into an ill-advised challenge to concede a 66th-minute penalty, which Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang converted to turn the game. Warnock called it “diabolical”.Alexandre Lacazette scored Arsenal’s second as Unai Emery’s team closed up on fourth-placed Chelsea, and the substitute Nathaniel Mendez-Laing’s stoppage-time drag back and finish was nothing more than a consolation. Yet the truth was that the football was a sideshow. Sala was in the hearts and minds of everyone and Warnock spoke with feeling afterwards.On the upside, Warnock admitted it had done him and his players the power of good to get back out there. “The first five minutes, to shout at the fourth official was fantastic,” he said, with a smile.Yet once again Warnock did not disguise the depth of the trauma. “I can’t explain how it’s been this week but you’ve not wanted to get out of bed,” he said. “Everything was really miserable and nobody could actually do anything about it. I know we’ve lost a game of football but there are other more important things.“What’s gone on has been unprecedented. We spoke about it before kick-off – that we ought to, for Emiliano, try to put in a performance. I know people would expect us to lay down but I thought they showed what they were made of tonight.” 14 Reid 34 Xhaka Facebook Possession CAR ARS 25 Jenkinson Dean had no option but to point to the spot when Ecuele Manga erred again, lungingin on Sead Kolasinac, who had been released by the half-time substitute, Alex Iwobi. Aubameyang’s goal was his 18th of the season in all competitions.Arsenal had offered little in the first half, bar an early Lacazette shot which was blocked by Ecuele Manga and a Shkodran Mustafi header that flashed wide. But they were better after the break, when Iwobi and a switch to 4-2-3-1 brought more urgency.Iwobi was denied by Neil Etheridge before Lacazette scored when he outstripped Bamba and shot into the bottom corner. It might have been different had Mustafi not made a saving challenge on Niasse in the 65th minute. The story of the match, though, was of a club attempting to work through its grief. 7 Arter 13 Paterson Facebook Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Ronald Koeman: ‘We’re a country that will always produce good young players’

first_img Twitter Virgil van Dijk cannot prevent Serge Gnabry from scoring for Germany during the Netherlands’ 3-2 defeat in March. Photograph: Peter de Jong/AP Deep in the countryside at the Dutch FA’s sparkling, almost-new training centre, Ronald Koeman is sitting in a mocked-up dressing room surrounded by orange shirts. For the man tasked with restoring a proud football nation’s lustre after several years in the doldrums, the pressures of international management seem a world away on a warm afternoon at the £12m facility in Zeist where even the hand dryers in the toilets match the colour scheme.“Every Monday and Tuesday I am here to do interviews, planning or analysing our opponents and the rest of the week I travel to see players and games,” he says. “Once a week I can play golf! I became a grandfather two weeks ago and I will be again after the Nations League with our daughter. It’s different but I like it.”Now 56 and a veteran of nearly two decades in the dugout, Koeman also has plenty of professional reasons for feeling positive about life. The Netherlands side who will face England on Thursday in the Nations League semi-finals came through a qualifying group including world champions France and arch-rivals Germany – some achievement for a country which has not qualified for a major tournament since the 2014 World Cup. But it has been the emergence of several key players in the vibrant Ajax team who came within seconds of reaching the Champions League final which has really set pulses racing in the home of Johan Cruyff and Total Football. Topics The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Read more Read more Share on LinkedIn Ronald Koeman talks to Matthijs de Ligt. The defender plays for Ajax but Koeman says De Ligt will ‘sign for a big club’. Photograph: Koen van Weel/AFP/Getty Images England to face Netherlands in Nations League semi-finals Pinterest “I was more a midfield player but they put me in defence to use my qualities from the back. The difference between myself and them is that I had special chances to take free-kicks, to go forward and play the long ball. That is different. They can improve on that. You see Virgil sometimes passing the ball, eh? He plays it 60 yards to the right winger or the right full-back, who is up the pitch. They can do more. But they are top defence players. We have the best centre defenders with De Ligt and Virgil. That’s great because you build the house, always, from downstairs. You don’t start with the roof. That is the target as a manager: goalkeeper, defender. The centre part of the team has to be strong. Wijnaldum, [Memphis] Depay, De Jong and the young players. We have a great future.”After retiring from playing in 1997, Koeman went to the World Cup the following year as part of Guus Hiddink’s coaching staff and worked as Louis van Gaal’s assistant at Barça before taking his first senior post. Those experiences provided a solid base for a managerial career that has taken him to Portugal, Spain and two assignments in the Premier League at Southampton and Everton, although you sense it could be a while until we see him back in club management.“If you are working outside your country then your family, your kids … you lose also different things, because you work as a manager in the Premier League without stopping, seven days a week,” Koeman says. “And what happened of course in the last few months at Everton was difficult so it was good to go back and start this job.“I am proud that I became national coach of Holland and even for the players it’s the same. You are defending the colours of your country. Do everything to put Holland back in the big tournaments, because then you get the support of the fans and that’s really important. We start like that and that makes it now that we are on the way back. We are still not there where we want but we need time for that.” Facebook Share on Messenger Germany come through against Netherlands with late Nico Schulz goal interviews Share on Pinterest Netherlands Ronald Koeman Pinterest The thrilling 3-2 defeat by Germany at the end of March in which Koeman’s side battled back from 2-0 down only to concede a last-minute goal was his third defeat in 12 matches since succeeding Danny Blind in February 2018. Gareth Southgate inflicted the first, on Koeman’s debut, although the player responsible for one of the most infamous incidents in England’s history is hoping for a similar outcome to the events of October 1993 when the teams meet in Guimarães.“Oh no, no, no. It is too long ago. They have asked me several times,” Koeman says of the 2-0 World Cup qualifying victory in which he scored the first goal from a free-kick having somehow stayed on after his foul on David Platt. “OK, it was a big mistake of the referee – and I am not the referee! He gave the decision. He gave me a yellow instead of a red card. Maybe if there had been VAR …” Share on WhatsApp Facebook England Koeman, a talented, ball-playing defender in the mould of Ruud Krol, was part of the side who won the European Championship in 1988 before joining Cruyff’s Barcelona “Dream Team” the following year. His goal against Sampdoria at Wembley secured Barça’s first European Cup in 1992 – the most important of nearly 250 for club and country. Yet unlike De Ligt and Van Dijk, who will represent a formidable barrier to England’s attack, Koeman says he never really enjoyed the art of defending. Twitter Share on Facebook Nations League Share via Email His focus is clearly on the present and even with the PFA player of the year, Virgil van Dijk, and Georginio Wijnaldum likely to be feeling the effects of a long season, Koeman admits the preparation has been tougher for Southgate.“Everyone knows England have more players in the Champions League final than we have. But it was three seconds [from Ajax beating Tottenham] and if not then it was Ajax v Liverpool and we would have had six/seven players in that final. That is difficult because it’s the end of the season. It’s a big impact for Southgate to play the Nations League semi-final after that. But I don’t think it’s an advantage for us because the market for English players is so big. It’s not depending on whether Jordan Henderson can play – they have many more players they can select than we do.” Share on Twitter “In the last few years, yes, it is the best generation,” says their manager, hardly able to suppress his excitement. “But they are just starting. They have great talents. Frenkie de Jong has signed for Barcelona. Maybe Matthijs de Ligt will sign also for … He will also sign for a big club, nobody knows at the moment which one. Donny van de Beek has had a great improvement this season and that is good.“We always brought good young players through the system from what we have in Holland. Maybe we have four or five really good young players. The under-17s of Holland have won the European Championship. But they are 17. We maybe have to wait two or three years and if everything is going well, we will see to bring them to the national team. But we are a country that will always produce good young players. Always.”Koeman also knows he is fortunate that, unlike at Ajax, where he played for three seasons before controversially joining rivals PSV Eindhoven and winning the European Cup for the first time in 1988, the new golden generation of Dutch football can be kept together on the international stage for several years.“Sometimes in football it’s like this: talented young players coming through the system. The atmosphere around the national team changed and that was down to the players and how we started in the Nations League. We won a tough group with France and Germany and OK … Finally we had a good start in the qualifying – the Germany game was nice in one way even if we were disappointed at the final whistle. But we are on a good way back to where we would like to stay as a country.” Reuse this contentlast_img read more

Aaron Cresswell’s strike salvages draw for West Ham at Bournemouth

first_img Goal attempts 11 Snodgrass 3 Cresswell 7 8 Facebook (s 77′) Corners Callum Wilson fires home for Bournemouth. Photograph: Arfa Griffiths/West Ham United FC via Getty Images 21 Ogbonna The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. 24 Fredericks 22 Haller 13 Roberto (s 67′) WHU50BOU50% Topics 17 Stacey 22 Wilson 27 Ajeti 2 Francis Pinterest 4 Balbuena 19 Wilshere match reports Chris Wood strikes for Burnley to deny a frustrating Aston Villa 16 Cook 29 Billing Attwell already had his hands full. Two minutes after Joshua King put the ball in the net, sweeping home to cancel out Yarmolenko’s fine curled opener, Bournemouth were finally able to celebrate. King benefited after the ball dribbled off Nathan Aké’s right leg from a deep Diego Rico cross. As he wheeled away, though, the assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis raised his flag, only for the VAR, Andrew Madley, to overturn the decision. That was just the beginning of a contentious afternoon, with Aké having a volley ruled out after the offside Dominic Solanke clouded the view of West Ham’s goalkeeper Roberto, who replaced the injured Lukasz Fabianski. Later, Howe seemed stumped at Cresswell getting away with tugging at King’s shirt in the box. (s 89′) 8 Lerma 23 Diop 7 King Twitter 9 Solanke (s 89′) Reuse this content 21 Rico 13 Wilson 6 Surman 10 Ibe Read more 12 Ramsdalecenter_img Share on LinkedIn Match stats Share on Facebook 5 Ake 5 Zabaleta Substitutes 16 Noble 33 Mepham Share on Messenger 41 Rice Bournemouth West Ham United Possession 18 Fornals AFC Bournemouth These sides were both licking their wounds after being humbled by League One opposition in midweek, with Burton and Oxford knocking Bournemouth and West Ham respectively out of the Carabao Cup on Wednesday. Saying that, these teams were almost unrecognisable, with Howe and Pellegrini making a combined total of 19 changes from those defeats as they reverted to more tried and tested formulas here. That meant a return to the starting lineup for Yarmolenko, who built on his sweet strike against Manchester United last weekend with another finish full of panache. Felipe Anderson floated a cross towards Sébastien Haller. He eluded Rico to fish the ball out of the air with his right foot before picking out Yarmolenko, who did the rest.Howe acknowledged the goal gave Bournemouth, sloppy until that point, the impetus they required. They did not trail for long, even if they were made to wait for confirmation of King’s equaliser. Things went from bad to worse for West Ham, with Fabianski forced off with a hip injury and frustrated as Aaron Ramsdale saved well from Anderson following a clever Haller dummy, before Angelo Ogbonna headed over unmarked from a corner.Thirty seconds after the break, West Ham would come to regret those missed opportunities. Solanke jinked his way past Declan Rice before laying the ball off for King, who nudged the ball to Callum Wilson. Roberto had no chance.Bournemouth could have been out of sight but Aké’s goal was ruled out and Roberto repelled a fierce Wilson strike. Having survived, West Ham made sure to punish with Cresswell hammering home. Lineups 1 Fabianski 10 Lanzini 8 AFC Bournemouth Off target 11 West Ham 5 AFC Bournemouth On target 6 West Ham 6 6 After almost a year out through injury, Andriy Yarmolenko is making up for lost time. The winger, who tore an achilles last October, opened the scoring and was the catalyst here as West Ham fought from behind to earn a point through Aaron Cresswell. The draw was sufficient to hoist Manuel Pellegrini’s side up to third in a game dominated by disallowed goals, disillusion and a little disorder.At the final whistle Pellegrini and his counterpart, Eddie Howe, were embroiled in a touchline contretemps, with the West Ham manager irate at the Bournemouth assistant manager, Jason Tindall, whom he argued was trying to unfairly influence the referee, Stuart Attwell. Howe played down the exchange, insisting he and Pellegrini were discussing VAR calls. “I never talked about the VAR decision,” Pellegrini said. “I talk about the assistant coach of him [Tindall], the complete game with the referee trying to pressurise in every decision. That’s what I complain [about], not about the VAR. I think they don’t need it because they are a good team that play offensive football. I think Eddie has done very good work here – his assistant doesn’t need to do those kinds of things because I don’t think it’s fair for the referee.” Share on WhatsApp Fouls Share on Pinterest 50 50 West Ham Premier League 1 Boruc WHU BOU 3 Cook The Observer (s 75′) Share via Email Substitutes 7 Yarmolenko Share on Twitter (s 34′) 14 Danjuma 8 Felipe Andersonlast_img read more

Premier League appoints Guardian’s David Pemsel as chief executive

first_imgThe Premier League has appointed the Guardian’s David Pemsel as its new chief executive.Confirmation of the appointment came at a Premier League meeting on Wednesday morning.Bruce Buck, the chairman of Chelsea, who was tasked with recruiting an individual to administer the top tier of English football, said Pemsel had been hired because of his “straightforward style and personal integrity”.“At the Guardian he has shown strong leadership through a period of change and transformation. Returning the group to profit is an impressive achievement and has demonstrated that he can develop and execute a transformational plan in an ever-changing business landscape,” Buck said.Pemsel, 51, has been chief executive of Guardian Media Group, the owner of the Guardian and the Observer, since July 2015. Working with the editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner, he helped to increase the company’s digital revenues while cutting costs.The company’s main Guardian News & Media subsidiary in 2018-19 recorded its first operating profit in many years, following a run of heavy losses, and now makes the majority of its money from online activities.Pemsel will stay at the Guardian until taking up the Premier League job in early 2020. His appointment follows a lengthy search for a new Premier League chief executive following the departure of former boss Richard Scudamore at the end of 2018. Read more Sign up to the Media Briefing: news for the news-makers Since you’re here… He will have to confront a changing media world where the ability of traditional pay-TV providers such as Sky and BT to dominate the multibillion-pound market for sports rights is being challenged by deep-pocketed newcomers such as Amazon.He will also have to manage the delicate relationship between the top Premier League clubs and their smaller rivals and friction over how they share broadcasting revenue, amid renewed speculation about a potential breakaway competition.Pemsel said: “I have enjoyed my eight years at Guardian Media Group and want to thank everyone for their support and friendship, but now is the perfect time for me to take on the next challenge.”Viner said she would miss working with Pemsel. “We were appointed to our roles within a month of each other in 2015 and we’ve worked closely together ever since on the organisation’s strategy and direction. It’s been stressful, demanding – and a lot of fun. Despite the many tough decisions we’ve had to take, David has always understood the integral place of Guardian and Observer journalism in our business,” she said.Neil Berkett, the Guardian Media Group chairman, told staff he would be starting the process of replacing Pemsel immediately, while paying tribute to the outgoing chief executive.“In partnership with Kath and all of you, he has restored GMG’s finances to a sustainable position and helped make us a much stronger, better business. He has also been an impressive leader, keeping the Guardian’s journalism and our values central to our decision-making at all times. The board and I have valued David’s advice immensely, and we wish him well,” he said.ProfileDavid Pemsel worked his way up the British advertising industry in the 1990s, including stints at Ogilvy & Mather and St Luke’s, before he launched a branded content division at Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine Entertainment production company.In 2005, he joined ITV, where he became group marketing director at the commercial broadcaster.His Guardian career began in 2011, taking responsibility for marketing campaigns including the award-winning ‘Three Little Pigs’, before moving up the ranks of the company’s commercial team.Pemsel was appointed chief executive in summer 2015, shortly after Katharine Viner was appointed editor-in-chief, with the pair embarking on a successful three-year turnaround project to rescue the company’s finances and reduce operating losses from £87m a year to break even.During this period, the company substantially cut costs and continued to remodel its business with a global focus on digital operations and reader revenues. At the same time, Guardian Media Group was reshaped, selling off several external companies to leave it with a £1bn endowment fund to support its core business. Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitter news Share on WhatsApp Reuse this content Share on Messenger Support The Guardiancenter_img Share on Facebook Newspapers Premier League … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. 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Bianca Andreescu’s twisted knee adds to concerns for teenager’s career

first_imgAfter Pliskova failed to put Svitolina away in their opening match, Halep spent this one frantically cycling through every last stroke in her arsenal, but she finished with 38 unforced errors and was unable to consistently dent the Ukrainian’s armour.Svitolina has now qualified for the semi-finals, while the second spot in the Purple Group will be decided by the winner of Halep’s contest with Pliskova on Friday. Andreescu will decide whether to play again after an MRI scan. Share via Email Reuse this content Andreescu had arrived for her second match of the tournament with all eyes on her back after she struggled towards the end of her three-set defeat by Simona Halep on Monday. Instead, she was covering the court fluidly until she twisted her knee while lunging for a wide forehand at 2-1 in the first set.“My knee twisted, I heard a crack, [the physio] validated me that it’s my meniscus. I can’t bend my knee at all. It’s cracking every time I walk and it hurts,” Andreescu said to her coach, Sylvain Bruneau. As he implored her not to push her injury too far, she cried: “I don’t want to stop.”She spent the following half-hour teeing off on her groundstrokes while desperately trying to move her immobile leg. At one point, she saved three break points to hold for 3-3 and then celebrated by barking loudly down the court towards a bemused Pliskova. She fought hard, but Pliskova eventually stepped inside the court and used her experience to put away her ailing opponent in the first set. Share on Facebook Share on WhatsApp Read more Naomi Osaka withdrew from the tournament with a right shoulder injury on Tuesday but the circumstances are more worrying for Andreescu. There are few doubts about the potency of her forehand, the fluidity of her movement and her tendency to enrage opponents with her variety but the 19-year-old’s injury list is growing.This year, Andreescu contested only one match between March and August owing to a torn rotator cuff injury and many of her 48 victories in 2019 have included numerous physio visits and extended periods of physical ailments.After losing to Andreescu at the Miami Open in March, the former world No 1 Angelique Kerber was incensed by her opponent’s numerous injury claims and infamously branded the youngster “the biggest drama queen ever”. The unfortunate irony is that Andreescu continues to prove Kerber wrong. Sign up to The Recap, our weekly email of editors’ picks. Elina Svitolina powers a backhand at Simona Halep on her way to the last four of the WTA Finals. Photograph: Alex Plavevski/EPA Tennis Facebook Share on LinkedIn Kiki Bertens makes most of late chance by beating world No 1 Ashleigh Barty Share on Pinterest … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Support The Guardian Karolina Pliskova wins as Bianca Andreescu retires: WTA Finals – as it happened While Andreescu’s body crumbled again, Wednesday’s opening match was defined by Elina Svitolina’s physical prowess as she overcame Halep 7-5, 6-3 to move into the semi-final.Indoor tennis is historically fast and favours the big hitters but the conditions in China are extremely slow. Svitolina has been happy to hit consistently deep groundstrokes, forcing opponents to hit through both the court and her supreme defence in order to win. Share on Messenger Since you’re here… Read more Bianca Andreescu was forced to retire with a left knee injury while losing 6-3 to Karolina Pliskova at the WTA Finals in Shenzhen as injuries continue to define the young Canadian’s career. Topics Share on Twitter news US sports Pinterest Twitter last_img read more

Ronaldo plays down Madrid crisis

first_imgReal Madrid Ronaldo plays down Madrid crisis: We still have many battles to win Jamie Smith 00:35 1/26/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(4) CristianoRonaldo - cropped Getty Images Real Madrid Primera División Copa del Rey Manchester United Premier League Real Madrid v Leganés Leganés Cristiano Ronaldo José Mourinho Zinédine Zidane All eyes will be on defending the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu, as their star striker insisted there was still plenty to play for Cristiano Ronaldo issued a defiant message to Real Madrid’s critics after Wednesday’s Copa del Rey exit at the hands of Leganes plunged them further into crisis.Leganes overturned a 1-0 first-leg loss to progress to the semi-finals of the Copa with a 2-1 win at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday, although Ronaldo was left out of the squad.A third home defeat in five matches in all competitions left coach Zinedine Zidane accepting his fate will be decided by next month’s Champions League tie against Paris Saint-Germain. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player And with Madrid 19 points behind rivals Barcelona in La Liga, retaining the Champions League again is Madrid’s only realistic hope of adding silverware to the Supercopa de Espana they won at the start of the campaign.Dani Carvajal admitted the Champions League is all that remains for Madrid to focus on and Ronaldo hinted at a similar target in a social media post.”Cheer up team. Cheer up madridistas,” Ronaldo wrote on Twitter. “We still have many battles to win.”Ánimo equipo. Ánimo madridistas. Aún nos quedan muchas batallas por ganar. pic.twitter.com/xkbCAMYmpk— Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) January 25, 2018Ronaldo’s future remains the subject of intense transfer speculation, although Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has moved to play down rumours linking the Portuguese superstar with a return to Old Trafford.”I think with the moment Real Madrid is having now, I think I should be the last one to add some fuel to the fire,” Mourinho said on Thursday of a potential move for Ronaldo.Madrid travel to Valencia in LaLiga on Saturday, with Zidane’s side sitting fourth in the table, five points behind Los Che.last_img read more